By developing an upright mind and a strong body, we will acquire the self-confidence to stand on the side of justice at all times. Major General Choi Hong Hi (Founder of Taekwon-Do)

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The road to fitness and confidence



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What is Taekwon-Do all about

As a beginner student you'll wear a white belt and as a colour belt you will be known as a Kup grade student. All the Taekwon-Do coloured belt grades are known as Kup grades of which white is 10th Kup. Black belt students are known as Dan grades. The white colour represents purity at the start of your Taekwon-Do journey and even though it is the beginning of a long road this is the most important belt you will ever have.


Grading Pattern

Saju-Jirugi and Saju-Makgi are exercises (not classed as patterns) and the first choreographed set of offensive and defensive movements designed for the beginner to develop coordination.
The moves can be viewed here Saju-Jirugi Saju Makgi

Line Work

Sitting stance single punch
Front rising kick
Walking stance low block
Walking stance middle block
Walking stance middle block reverse punch


10 Press Ups
Self Defence-demonstrate basic release from grab techniques


Pattern meaning
Belt colour meaning