By developing an upright mind and a strong body, we will acquire the self-confidence to stand on the side of justice at all times. Major General Choi Hong Hi (Founder of Taekwon-Do)

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What is Taekwon-Do all about

6th Degree is the final level at which Taekwon-Do practitioners are formerly graded.

There is one final pattern to learn (Tong-Il) the 24th pattern.

6th Degree Black Belts are International Instructors that can grade up to 3rd Degree.


Grading Pattern - Tong-Il

4th dan meanings

The patterns can be viewed here 6th Degree Pattern

Tong-Il denotes the resolution of the unification of Korea which has been divided since 1945. The diagram symbolizes the homogenous race

For Tong-Il on Taekwondo Wikia Click Here

Reference Material

The Anatomy of Martial Arts. Click Here


Grading Information

Line Work

Basics, as before
Line kicks, combinations and balance techniques. By now you should be able to master every technique within General Choi's handbook.


Any warm up deemed suitable, pressups, star jumps etc
Any previous set sparring routines may be asked for
1 Step Sparring (Ilbo Matsoki) advanced level
Free sparring (Jayoo Matsoki) + 2v1
Pre-arranged sparring
Self Defence (Advanced) to include breaks and releases. Also to be proficient with knffe work and be able to defnd yourself against overhand, lunging and slashing techniques.
Power (breaking or pad work if junior level)  You may be asked to break as many boards as your degree number.


Patterns meaning
As with 4th Degree and above a thesis must be produced as part of the entrance to grade at this level.

Please Note: Students should be competent with all techniques, exercises, and patterns from previous levels as well as their current grade.