By developing an upright mind and a strong body, we will acquire the self-confidence to stand on the side of justice at all times. Major General Choi Hong Hi (Founder of Taekwon-Do)

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The road to fitness and confidence

Taran Tek Taekwon-Do was formed in the Autumn of 2007 by two students from the club formerly known as "Billy Thomson's Taekwon-Do" in Truro. Following Mr Thomson's "retirement" the club structure was re-built and expanded into two new clubs under the Taran Tek TKD Banner. The Truro club was run by Mr Hayers and the St Newlyn East club was run by Mr Spinks. Since then Mr Cresswell and Mr Elford have taken over at St Newlyn East and Mr Hayers took on the club at Trispen in early 2019.

All of our instructors are committed to teaching traditional Taekwon-Do combined with self defence, groundwork and all round fitness. We have several fully qualified Instructors from 1st to 5th Dan who all contribute to the development of the club. Each Instructor has undergone a nationally recognised training programme coupled with an enhanced DBS check.


The current line-up of Instructors L-R Andy Cresswell (III Degree), Andy Hayers (V Degree) and Andy Elford (II Degree)

What is Taekwon-Do all about


The name "Taran Tek" is from the Cornish language and literally means "Beautiful Thunder" This for us sums up the sport of Taekwon-Do, the beauty of patterns coupled with the power of striking and sparring. We're based in Cornwall so wanted to represent the local language in the name of our club

The logo was designed by Mr Hayers and derives from a picture of Jhoon Rhee performing a side-kick. We decided to arrange the lettering in a circle around the central image to denote the same ideology of the "round table". This represents the equality, unity, and comradeship of the club.

The image below demonstrates the stages of the logo. The font used in the lettering is Trajan Pro.