By developing an upright mind and a strong body, we will acquire the self-confidence to stand on the side of justice at all times. Major General Choi Hong Hi (Founder of Taekwon-Do)

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What is Taekwon-Do all about

The first grading of the year will be on Friday 22nd March. Please note this is at St Newlyn East starting at 5pm. Green belts and above, please remember to bring sparring kit.

Also a reminder that jewellery and extra clothing should not be worn at class. This includes the numerous loom bands, charity bands, under dobok lycra leggings and football shirts. Women and girls are allowed white t-shirts/vests for modesty.



pendower beach

As usual we are planning to do the annual beach barbecue in the summer. This will take place on Sunday 25th August at the usual venue of Pendower Beach. For more information about the event please talk to your instructor.